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Implants » Chelsea Mini Implants

Mini Implants can be ideal for replacing missing teeth or securing dentures. Mini Implants can be placed in a much shorter time than Conventional Dental Implants. If you are in need of dental implants, but you are discouraged by the higher cost or waiting time, then your ordeal may be over and your solution at hand with Mini Implants.
  • Non-surgical, minimally invasive technique.
  • No cutting or stitching of gum, often painless healing.
  • Ultra simple and speedy, immediately usable.
  • Cost effective.
  • Designed for thinner bone.
  • Bone Grafting not required.
  • Very strong
The Denture is then clicked into place over the Implant heads and is detachable. The result is a much more secure and comfortable Denture allowing you to get on with your life with more confidence.

Bone Grafting for Implant Placement
When the jawbone lacks sufficient depth to hold the implants in place bone grafting is necessary. This means taking bone from one area of the body or a ‘donor site’ before grafting it into the jawbone. This is done to increase the width and depth of the bone.This bone is taken from either the chin or the hip.

The dentist will build up the ridge of the jawbone before inserting the implant. There are 4 types of grafts available although the autogenous or allograft is the most popular choice of graft. The graft is held in place by tacks and a barrier membrane. Once the graft has taken place the site is ready for the implants. These are inserted in the normal manner.

Sinus Graft

The Sinus Lift is a technique of raising the Sinus Lining so that there is sufficient space to augmentation additional bone that will help support the Dental Implants.

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